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sex & politics in south africa

The Equality Clause / Gay & Lesbian Movement / The Anti-apartheid Struggle
Edited by Neville Hoad, Karen Martin & Graeme Reid

In the final years of apartheid, lesbians and gay men from across the racial and political spectrum began to agitate for a place for themselves in-between the old South Africa and the new. This anthology tells that story in a myriad of ways – through the personal testimonies of activists involved, the archival records of their organisations, and academic analysis. It was a tumultuous time as lesbian and gay activists affiliated with wider struggles locally and internationally. That South Africa would become the first country in the world it enshrine lesbian and gay rights in its new Constitution seemed unimaginable at the time.

Sex and Politics in South Africa recovers and celebrates an as yet untold story – the weaving of a pink thread in the tapestry of the Rainbow Nation.

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