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Diversity and institutional transformation for research teams and undergraduate students majoring in Diversity Studies.
Gender, Sexualities and Identity Based Social Movements for Masters students.
Research Methodologies for community research, participatory appraisals, and action research encompassing both qualitative and quantitative methods.
English Language Skills taught in the context of heritage and science and community research.
Computer literacy—Using DOS and Windows, MS Office, DBase IV, Pagemaker, CorelDraw.
Feminist Issues in Criminology: Rape; Battering; Spouse Murders; Child Sexual Abuse; Prostitution; Pornography; Women and Militarism; Sexuality and ‘deviance’; Masculinity as social control.
Criminology—Key Issues in Criminology: Media and Crime; Women and Social Control.
Feminism—Feminism and Film; Women in the Media; Gender Socialisation; The Family; Violence against Women; Sexuality.
Media—Media Theory; History of the Media in South Africa; The Production of News.
Academic support programmes for SACHED, Rhodes University and Khanya College.


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